Congratulations on making the decision to sit for the BOC Certification Examination. We have many convenient exam options for you.

There are several hundred testing locations across the United States and Canada with flexible days and times to fit your schedule. We encourage you to find and register for a Building Operator Certification Exam near you by visiting our exam administration “Certifior” website:

Exam Finder

  1. First register for an account on the BOC Certifior website. (Fill out your information and select a username/password.) After confirming your email address you can login.
  2. Login, select the certification, and click Next to see locations that offer the Building Operator Certification Exam. Choose a location and then select a date/time. Please note that the testing location will then confirm availability to accommodate your request and will confirm with you. If that date and time is not available, the testing center will work with you to find an alternate time that is convenient for your schedule.
  3. Confirm your testing appointment by paying with a credit card.

Additional exam locations

The BOC will schedule Certification Exams where there is not a convenient location through the “Certifior” website (above). If you utilize the ‘Exam Finder’ link above and do not find a location that works for you, please contact our Help Desk as other exam sites may be in the process of being scheduled.

Questions about scheduling your exam?

Please contact our Help Desk at:
206-292-4793 or toll-free 1-877-850-4793 (9 a.m.–Noon PST)