The continuing education of building operators improves their ability to cope with changing technologies, equipment, and practices. To remain certified, a building operator must accumulate maintenance points. Five (5) points per year are required for Level I, and 10 points per year for Level II.

Maintaining BOC certification demonstrates your commitment to the profession. Over 75 percent of employers interviewed see BOC certification as a positive factor when reviewing resumes. BOC graduates believe certification confers credibility. Over 90 percent believe it improves job performance.

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The open application period to submit your BOC maintenance application has begun! Application notices have been sent by email and postcards to all eligible certificants.

Please note that the maintenance process is NOT conducted on the BOC’s website due to our need to confirm eligibility for all applicants. If you believe you are due to complete the application process but have not received anything from us by mid-January, please let us know. The deadline for submitting your application is March 31st at 5pm PST.

Questions? Check out our Maintenance FAQs, give us a call 1-877-850-4793 or send us an email