15th Annual Water Conservation Showcase
Tuesday, March 20 2018, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
PG&E Pacific Energy Center, 851 Howard Street in SF.

Please register by going to the following URL: http://www.waterconservationshowcase.com/

Do you want to learn more about water conservation including how water utilities, product developers, designers, research institutions and leaders in the building industry are addressing our water availability challenges? If these perspectives are of interest and you are eager to learn how you can reduce your own water impact, we encourage you to attend our Water Conservation Showcase scheduled for Tuesday, March 20th. This event is the largest of its kind on the west coast and will include dozens of exhibitors, twelve educational sessions and hundreds of participants.

Here is the education session schedule for the Water Conservation Showcase:

10:00 am, Conference Center

“The Latest in Water Conservation:  New programs, Research, Training, and Advocacy”

Mary Ann Dickinson, Alliance for Water Efficiency

10:00 am, Green Room

“Water Conservation Case Studies: Achieved Savings and Lessons Learned”

Erica Ross, PAE

Eric Hough, Natural Systems Utilities

10:00 am, Workshops in Lighting Classroom

“Workshop on Compost and Mulch for Healthy Soil Management”

Kelly Schoonmaker, Stopwaste

Will Bakx, Sonoma Compost

12:00 noon, Conference Center

“California Climate Variability & Drought; Improving Forecasting”

Jeanine Jones, California Department of Water Resources
12:00 noon, Green Room

“San Francisco’s Stormwater Management Requirements: seven years of implementation and mainstreaming system-based design”

Ken Kortkamp, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

Polly Perkins, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

Jon Ennis, BDE Architecture

Clara Tang, Sherwood Design Engineers

12:00 noon, Workshops in Lighting Classroom

“Workshop on Best Practices for Water-use Evaluations of Commercial Facilities”

Michelle Maddaus, Maddaus Water Management

Amin Delagah, Food Service Technology Center

Mark Gentili, Los Angeles Department of Water & Power

2:00 pm, Conference Center

“Implementing Onsite Water Reuse and Lessons Learned”

Kyle Pickett, The William J. Worthen Foundation

Patrick Flynn, Salesforce Tower

Kelly Dewees, 181 Fremont

Amanda Dougherty, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

Piper Kujac, Urban Fabrick Inc.

Michael Conciatore, Aquacell

2:00 pm, Green Room

“Global and Regional Trends with the Water/Energy Nexus”

Larry Dale, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Carolyn Weiner, Pacific Gas & Electric

2:00 pm, Workshops in Lighting Classroom

“Workshop on Native and Other Low-Water Planting Options”

Dan Gluesenkamp, California Native Plant Society

Jennifer de Graaf, ReScape/de Graaf Associates

Stewart Winchester, Merritt College/Devil Mountain Nursery

4:00 pm, Conference Center

“Impact of Climate Change on Street Trees in California”

Dr. Joe McBride, University of California, Berkeley

4:00 pm, Green Room

“Lawn Conversion Programs: Accelerating Sustainable Landscape Transformations”

Tom Chesnutt, A & N Technical Services, Inc.

Lisa Cuellar Menezes, California Water Efficiency Partnership

Krista Reger, Long Beach Water
4:00 pm, Workshops in Lighting Classroom

“Water Reuse System Design Charrette”

Kirstin Weeks, ARUP

Matthew Williamson, ARUP

More descriptive information will be available for these educational sessions at the event web page later in March.  The event web page is located here:  http://www.waterconservationshowcase.com/

Our Water Conservation Showcase is organized through collaborations between the East Bay Municipal Utility District, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, the Committee on the Environment from the local American Institute of Architects chapter, the US Green Building Council’s Northern California Chapter, and the PG&E Pacific Energy Center.

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