BOC  offers live instructional webinars throughout the year to keep you informed on the dynamic field of facilities management. For the first time in 2013, we are offering 2 series and registration for both is open now! Learn practical solutions to deal with the energy hogs in your building from leading industry experts in areas such as demand reduction, lighting, and indoor air quality.  Anyone with an interest in the topic is welcome to join and get the in-class BOC experience.

For the BOC graduate, successful completion of the webinar and accompanying quiz provides 1.5 hours of continuing education towards maintaining your BOC Certification.

Best Applications for LED Lighting

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The market has seen an explosion of new LED products.  Once considered an option only for specialty lighting applications, LED products are now available for a wide range of lighting applications both for the building interior as well as outdoor lighting.  Knowing the best retrofit opportunities for this technology can be tricky.  LEDs have different light characteristics than fluorescent or incandescent lamps and the fit between the LED lamp and the luminaire is critical in achieving quality lighting.  This webinar will help you assess opportunities within your building for using LEDs.     SPEAKER: Paul Wingco, California State University

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems are designed to use multiple indoor fan coil units connected to a single outdoor condensing unit.  With VRF, there can be greater system efficiencies by using the load diversity within the building – heat rejected by zones in cooling can be used in other zones that require heating.  VRF systems are becoming popular alternatives to chillers or packaged DX systems.  When does VRF make sense as a system choice and what are the O&M requirements that ensure efficient operation?  This webinar will help you answer those questions.     SPEAKER: Ruben Willmarth, Mitsubishi Electric

Building Walk Through – Finding Energy Waste

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

You’ve heard about “management by walking around”, but how about “energy savings by walking around”?  A well planned walk through your building – whether day or night, weekday or weekend – is an effective strategy for spotting operational improvements.  Often the “fixes” are inexpensive and immediate, but also lead to significant reductions in energy use and occupant comfort.  The key to making a building walk successful is in the preparation.  This webinar will help you plan and execute a successful building walk that will almost certainly open your eyes to energy improvements.  What do you look for?  Who should participate?  What tools do you need and what are the safety considerations?  After this webinar, you’ll be ready to take action.     SPEAKER: Dave Moser, PECI

Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cooling tower water must have a regular treatment program to prevent excessive scaling and fouling.  Without it, you can expect a significant decrease in system efficiency and increased potential for occupant health risks.  Chemical treatment is most common but other non-chemical approaches are available such as ozonation, ionization, or pulsed EMF.  Given a wide variety of options, what water treatment regimen works best for your system? Do you need to know your local water chemistry to make a good choice?  What are the storage, handling, and disposal considerations for your water treatment program?  Get your questions about water treatment answered at this webinar.     SPEAKER: Paul Howland

Single Live Webinar Event — $79   Combo Live Webinar Event (2) — $125   Yearly Technical Webinar Series (discounted tuition for full series of 4) — $200

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