Our 2014 Course Schedule is posted and many locations are open for registration!  Courses fill up fast so make sure to register early. If you are signed up for a BOC course or would like more information on the many benefits of earning your BOC credential, we also have a FREE Informational Webcast coming up on February 19th. You can register by following this link.

The Building Operator Certification program trains facilities personnel to understand how building systems work together, and how to bring them to their most efficient level of operation. BOC certification provides operators with a means of distinguishing themselves to employers through improved job skills. Certification not only establishes a professional credential for the operators, but also illustrates their commitment to the profession and promotes opportunity for advancement in the workplace.

Upon successful completion of BOC training, operators receive a BOC certificate and identification card, a letter of achievement sent to their employer, a national registration of their certification, and a newsletter offering technical articles and continuing education opportunities. Learn more about Building Operator Certification.

You can always call or email us for more information:

Contact Information

Shino Severson, BOC Assistant  Project Manager     Building Operator Certification     605 First Ave., Ste. 401     Seattle, WA 98104     206-292-4793 or  toll-free 1-877-850-4793     bocinfo@theboc.info

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