BetterBricks is hosting a Webinar on the 22nd of May, don’t miss this chance to learn more about Strategic Sequencing. More info from the BetterBricks blog below, you can also find the event and registration at this link.

Recent shifts in the commercial building market, including increasingly stringent codes and standards, make it more critical than ever to future-proof your building by thoughtfully sequencing upgrades from a whole-building perspective. Using data from recent Northwest case studies, this one-hour webinar will help building owners, designers, and operators maximize cost and energy savings by:

  • Demonstrating how to strategically sequence building upgrades in a way that maximizes total-building value.
  • Introducing proven, high-performance technologies applicable to retrofits and new construction.

By adopting these approaches, building professionals will be able to meet current and emerging building performance standards (including the Washington State Clean Building Standard), plan improvements that save time, money, and energy, and enhance occupant health, comfort, well-being, and productivity.

Register here!

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