The 2016 webinars focus on specific building diagnostic tools that gather data to address a wide range of building energy issues. Also hear from BOC graduates on successful projects they’ve implemented using these tools. Register here.

[All sessions are one hour from 11am – 12pm Pacific, 1pm – 2pm Central, 2pm – 3pm Eastern]


Building Tool Diagnostics #1 – Temperature and CO2 Loggers
February 10, 2016
Learn about two types of data loggers that are valuable to address common thermal comfort related issues.

Building Tool Diagnostics #2 – Managing your Plug LoadsMarch 16, 2016
Learn easy and low cost ways to control plug loads in order to save energy and reduce operating costs.

Building Tool Diagnostics #3 – Occupancy and Lighting Data Loggers April 26, 2016
How do you track when lights are left on? Learn about lighting and occupancy sensor loggers that will address this common lack of data.

Building Tool Diagnostics #4 – Infrared Cameras
May 18, 2016
Discover the multiple benefits of an infrared camera, the energy use information it can provide and how to communicate the importance to others.

Building Tool Diagnostics #5 – Addressing Indoor Air Complaints
September 15, 2016
Get to know several diagnostic tools that address air quality issues, the best applications for each and legal limits for smells and odors.

Building Tool Diagnostics #6 – Managing Water Use in your Facility
October 13, 2016
This webinar takes a look at commonly used tools to help develop an action plan for water efficiency in your building.



Single Live Webinar Event — $79
Combo Live Webinar Event (2) — $125
2016 Technical Webinar Series (discounted tuition for complete series of 6 webinars) — $300

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