We here at BOC understand the complexities of work in the building operations, engineering, and maintenance fields and want to share  an opportunity for our graduates to be recognized for their hard work! The 8th Annual Facility Maintenance Decisions Achievement Awards are open for application.

The following information is shared courtesy of facilitiesnet.

The Facility Maintenance Decision Achievement Awards recognize and celebrate the achievements of maintenance and engineering departments in institutional and commercial facilities nationwide.

Maintenance and engineering departments perform vital roles to ensure facilities operate safely, reliably, energy efficiently and sustainably. Unfortunately, these departments rarely get the recognition they deserve. The FMDAAs shine a spotlight on these departments to recognize their achievements.
The 8th Annual FMDAAs will recognize recipients in four categories:

Renovations & Retrofits
HVAC system, plumbing system, roofing, grounds care, etc.
Financial Management
budgeting, savings, capital planning, etc
water savings, energy efficiency, green purchasing, recycling, etc.
Personnel Management
training, staffing, recruiting, outsourcing, etc.
Entry for the 8th Annual FMDAAs is free.
The deadline for entry is May 26.

Ryan Berlin, managing editor of Facility Maintenance Decisions, will honor the 2017 recipients at NFMT Orlando on November 14-15.

Applications can be submitted via the Facility Maintenance Decisions website. 

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