The Alliance to Save Energy has published its comprehensive Energy 2030 plan. This information is provided by Allyson Schmutter of the Alliance. For even more information regarding the report and plan check out Alliance to Save Energy’s website.

Energy 2030 Goal

The plan, Energy 2030, calls for a doubling in U.S. energy productivity by 2030. It includes a set of recommendations to achieve this ambitious goal of doubling the amount of GDP produced from each unit of energy consumed in 2030 compared to 2011.

The Commission recommendations are built on a large body of research that discusses the issues of investment, technology, human behavior, and government as they relate to increasing energy productivity in the U.S. and outlines successful case studies. It is our hope that these recommendations will be embraced by a bipartisan group of local, state and federal policy makers as well as the manufacturing, business and transportation sectors, and, importantly, American families. An independent analysis by the Rhodium Group found that doubling our nation’s energy productivity by 2030 could:

  • Save      the average household more than $1,000 a year;
  • Save      American businesses $169 billion annually;
  • Reduce      government agency spending by $13 billion a year;
  • Create      1.3 million jobs and increase GDP by up to 2%;
  • Decrease      energy imports by more than $100 billion annually; and,
  • Reduce      CO2 emissions by 33 percent below 2005 levels.

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