Avista Utilities is a provider of natural gas and electric services in the Pacific Northwest. The utility will host a complimentary webinar on March 27th at 9:00 AM PST. This event will count as one maintenace point for BOC graduates towards BOC credential maintenance.

The webinar, Uncover Energy Savings: Benchmarking, Auditing and Troubleshooting, focuses on saving money on your energy bill. The following information is provided by Avista:

Whether you operate an office building, retail outlet, hospital, hotel, restaurant, grocery store or manufacturing facility, it is likely you could be saving more money on your energy bill.

Join our  webinar and uncover energy savings in your facility. We will benchmark common industries and provide a comprehensive list of checklists and resources to help you find the energy wasters in your facility. This webinar will show you how to estimate energy consumption by end use without the need for submetering.

Spend an hour with us and sharpen your energy IQ!

There is no charge to participate in this webinar. This event requires registration and space is limited.


One thought on “Avista Utilities Webinar – Uncover Energy Savings: Benchmarking, Auditing and Troubleshooting”

  1. This blog should make sense to everyone who reads it as Energy benchmarking is really important for buildings because they can save on cost along with doing their part towards Environment too. Thank you for the blog.

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