DOE Better Buildings

Cost-effective energy efficiency upgrades in U.S. buildings could save $100 billion each year in energy bills. From 2020-2023, the Better Buildings Workforce Accelerator convened and supported more than 40 workforce partners from across the country working to raise the level of building science and energy efficiency knowledge in the nation’s building-related workforce. The Accelerator focused on activities that build interest, streamline career pathways, and improve skills and we are proud to have played a partner role in the success of this program! Read more about the Workforce Accelerator here at the US Department of Energy Better Buildings Solutions site.

What does this look like in real terms? The US Department of Energy, NEEC and the BOC program have completed a case study that identifies the challenges, solutions, lessons and impact of the building accelerator. Join us as we analyze the outcomes of the Building Accelerator in the case study here.

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