Recently, the BOC program has expanded to the state of Montana through our partnership with IBOA and through sponsorship from NorthWestern Energy. We are proud to be recognized by Montana’s Lieutenant Governor Angela McLean who recognizes the Building Operator Certification as central to the state’s initiative to save energy in school. Below is a press release from the Lt. Governor’s office regarding BOC and the SMART Schools program in Montana.

Dear Friends:
I’m reaching out to let you know of (or remind you of) an exciting opportunity available to school facilities staff and building operators.
This is important because investing in energy efficiency means saving money for schools. That’s why I’m championing an effort to Save Money And Resources Today for schools, or SMART Schools.
Central to SMART Schools is a schools’ ability to become more energy efficient and conserve. The Building Operator Certification (BOC) training sponsored by Northwestern Energy allows facilities/building maintenance staff to learn more about energy efficient procedures and tools. These practices can save schools 15 percent or more on energy use. In fact, independent evaluations have shown the average annual per participant energy savings to be 172,000 kWh per year, equivalent to $12,000 annually at average electricity rates. The training is designed to translate complex information into practical terms that people can implement on a day-to-day basis. In addition to energy and cost-savings benefits, the BOC training helps participants take greater ownership of their job, empowering them to make more decisions and be more accountable within a facility. Facility managers also recognize the value of the certification and see positive impacts on BOC-certified employees.
For customers not in Northwestern Energy territory, the State of Montana can offer a limited number of scholarships to up to ten schools/districts to cover the training expenses (it usually costs $2,000). Click here for registration information – and don’t forget to sign up before August 11th. To apply for a BOC Scholarship, please email Bonnie Rouse at or call 444-6439.
I am confident that Montana’s schools can help lead the way in energy efficiency, conservation and health promotion. That’s why I’m encouraging schools to get their school facilities folks signed up for this BOC training. For more information on our efforts to promote SMART Schools, click here.
Lt. Governor


One thought on “BOC acknowledged by Montana Lt. Governor for Energy Savings”

  1. Congrats Montana and the BOC folks, invest $2000 in training and save approx. $10,000/year in operational costs. Great job. Greg Jourdan

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