BOC and BOMI International recently announced an exciting partnership that will provide additional education opportunities for both organizations by awarding competency credit between BOC Level I and II and BOMI International’s Systems Maintenance Technician (SMT®) and Systems Maintenance Administrator (SMA®) Programs.

Both nationally recognized, the NEEC BOC and the BOMI International SMT designation deliver the skill-enhancing education that facility professionals need. Comprised of Level I: Building Systems Maintenance and Level II: Equipment Troubleshooting and Maintenance, the BOC offers 13 classes that provide energy-efficient management strategies proven to transform workplaces by saving an estimated $.03/sf on electric utility costs per year. Similarly, the five courses that constitute the SMT designation program provide instruction in technologies and trends within the industry to ensure professionals understand how to properly operate buildings at peak efficiency in a cost-effective manner.

BOMI International has given BOC graduates the eligibility to receive competency credit for two of the five SMT designation courses. In return, NEEC has awarded competency for four of the 13 classes needed to earn a BOC certification.

“By presenting BOC and SMT designation graduates with the option to apply for competency credit between the two programs, we are encouraging them to further enhance their education and obtain the required knowledge to perform their job well, add value to their company, and accelerate their career.” said Jeffrey A. Horn, President and CEO of BOMI International.

In addition to providing competency credit for SMT designation and BOC courses, the NEEC and BOMI International partnership will offer continuing education opportunities to graduates for maintenance of their credentials.

“We are confident this partnership between BOMI International and NEEC will contribute to better building performance and to job preservation by providing technicians with a means of distinguishing themselves to employers through improved job skills and a commitment to the profession,” said Stan Price, Executive Director of NEEC.

Visit the BOC–BOMI Partnership page to learn how students can obtain competency credit.

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