The Building Operator Certification program and MacDonald Miller are excited to announce a partnership offering clients, stakeholders, and/or employees of MacDonald-Miller a discounted tuition price of $1,495 per person.  This offer is good through calendar year 2015. For those interested in leveraging this discount, please contact Perry England

Building Operator Certification (BOC®) is a nationally recognized, competency-based training and certification program that offers facilities personnel the improved job skills and knowledge to transform workplaces to be more comfortable, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. The BOC credential is recognized by employers across the country as a sign of the value and contributions certified facilities management personnel can bring to their organizations.

2015 Course Offerings in MacDonald Miller territory 

Training Schedule (WA):

Training Schedule (OR):

Description of BOC audiences

BOC is designed for the working building operations staff in medium to large commercial and institutional buildings.  BOC certification provides operators with a means of distinguishing themselves to employers through improved job skills. Certification not only establishes a professional credential for the operators, but also illustrates their commitment to the profession and promotes opportunity for advancement in the workplace. Over 50% of BOC graduates report increases both in job responsibilities and compensation after receiving the certification.

Upon successful completion of BOC training, operators receive a BOC certificate and identification card, a letter of achievement sent to their employer, a national registration of their certification, and a newsletter offering technical articles and continuing education opportunities.

BOC curriculum

The Level I course series offers eight one-day classes with Level II offering seven one-day classes. Course series consist of classroom training, project assignments to be completed at the participant’s facility, and in-class exams administered at the end of each day of training. Completion of Level I requires a time commitment of 74 hours; Level II requires 61 hours.

Classes consist of lecture, discussion, small group exercises, and facility tours. Facility projects require participants to demonstrate competence in locating building equipment, distribution pathways, and control points; calculating facility energy consumption; critiquing HVAC systems operation; and, sketching the facility’s electrical distribution system.

Certification requirements

To become Level I certified, participants must attend seven classes, complete class exams and assigned projects for a total of 74 hours, or 7.4 CEU’s.  To become Level II certified, participants must attend four core classes and at least two supplemental classes, complete class exams and assigned projects for a total of 61 hours, or 6.1 CEU’s.

Benefits to having a BOC credential

BOC Graduates receive cross training in building systems, allowing for increased responsiveness to tenant issues.  BOC Training encourages communication with building occupants to improve comfort while maximizing the efficiency of the facility. This increased interaction raises the profile of the maintenance department within an organization.  BOC certification is also a way for employers to identify and recruit qualified building personnel. Their training and subsequent certification signifies that they offer knowledge and experience in energy-efficient building practices. Graduates utilize their new skills to implement cost-effective strategies to produce practical payback numbers.


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