BOC has ventured into international territory with our partner in Canada, the Canadian Institute for Energy Training (CIET).

To date, CIET has run ten in-house trainings offered on site for their clients – mostly commercial real estate advisors in the Greater Toronto Area, as well as some municipalities and utilities. The most recent course is an open enrollment course in Toronto, which began this week on October 20th. That course has 24 participants working for different organizations: commercial real estate advisors, utilities, hotels, hospitals, etc…  This mix of industry sectors provides a great venue for peer exchange and the operators will learn from each other’s experiences throughout the program.

In 2014,  CIET also offered the program in Calgary, their first course outside the province of Ontario where the Canadian version of the BOC program was first launched. As of today, CIET has trained over a hundred BOC graduates, and after the 2 courses currently running in Toronto wrap up, at least 150 practitioners will hold their BOC certification in Canada.

2016 BOC locations and dates in Canada will be announced shortly and will be posted here on our blog as well as the CIET BOC page.


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