This article is the first of an ongoing series of posts that will highlight BOC graduates and projects they have completed to save their organizations money by reducing their facility’s energy consumption.

Brian Novinska, a Wisconsin BOC graduate and Facility Manager, completed a lighting upgrade project at his facility, the Summit Credit Union.

The upgrade project entailed upgrading the equipment to more energy efficient fixtures and installing occupancy sensors. Brian also wisely investigated rebates available for energy efficient upgrades, which lowered the initial investment for the project. This project will cut the annual energy cost of the fixtures in half, from $3,696 to $1,802, meaning the return on investment for his organization is just over two years. The success of this project has also encouraged Brian to plan on upgrading additional lighting fixtures in the future.

Special thanks to Brian for sharing his story. Did you know you can submit your energy efficient project to the BOC for credential maintenance points? Read the details here:

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