Greg Jourdan

Greg Jourdan has been an instructor for the Building Operator Certification program for over 20 years. He teaches BOC classes covering HVAC Systems and Controls, HVAC Optimization, and Preventive Maintenance and Troubleshooting. His education includes a Master’s degree in Adult and Continuing Education, a Bachelor’s in Industrial Technology and an Associates of Science in Air Conditioning and Heating Technology. In addition to instructing for the BOC program, Greg is the Refrigeration Technology Program Director and a professor at Wenatchee Valley College in Washington where he has taught HVAC Fundamentals, classes on Heat Pumps, Boilers, Commercial HVAC Systems, DDC and PLC Controls, Electricity,  Heating, Energy Load Calculations, Energy Management, and Industrial Refrigeration.

He also serves the BOC program as a major contributing author and reviewer for initial BOC texts and materials including BOC 103-HVAC Systems,  BOC 201-Intro to Maintenance and Troubleshooting, BOC 204-HVAC Controls



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