The BOC program is delivered by the University
of Hawai‘i Manoa Outreach College in
partnership with Hawai‘i Energy.

More information can be found here: BOC at Manoa
• Building operators with at least two years of experience
• Facility Managers and Support Staff
• Building Operators and Maintenance Workers
• Chief/Facility Engineers and Support Staff
• Mechanical and Electrical Contractors who support chiller plants
• HVAC technicians, electricians, operations supervisors,
operations technicians

• $200 for individuals who qualify for Hawai‘i Energy’s tuition
subsidy (see application form for details) – or –
• $1,600 full tuition (individual sessions $200/day)
1. Download the Hawai‘i Energy Application form at or email
2. Complete the application by AUGUST 10, 2017
3. Make payment by AUGUST 17, 2017
For registration assistance please call 808.956.9249

All classes will be held at the
University of Hawai‘i at Ma¯ noa
Krauss Hall, Room 012
8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Sep 14 Thurs BOC 1001 part 1
Sep 21 Thurs BOC 1001 part 2
Oct 12 Thurs BOC 1003
Oct 19 Thurs BOC 1002
Nov 2 Thurs BOC 1004
Nov 16 Thurs BOC 1005
Nov 30 Thurs BOC 1006
Dec 14 Thurs BOC 1009
Sweater and brown bag lunch suggested.

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