The Northwest Energy Efficiency Council (NEEC) and Building Operator Certification program (BOC) are pleased to announce The United States Green Building Council has approved the core BOC Level I curriculum for continuing education hours toward the LEED Credential Maintenance Program.

BOC developed the new 1000 level curriculum with industry Subject Matter Experts and piloted the classes in the fall of 2012. The new course scheme is available nationwide in 2013. The following identifies the hours and approval numbers of the classes. All information regarding this is also available on the BOC Course Description page:

GBCI   Approved Courses as of 6/17/13
Course # Course Name Approval   Number CE Hours
BOC 1001 Energy   Efficient Operation of Building HVAC Systems 0090010008 16
BOC 1002 Measuring   and Benchmarking Energy Performance 0090010026 8
BOC 1003 Efficient   Lighting Fundamentals 0090010034 8
BOC 1004 HVAC   Controls Fundamentals 0090010043 8
BOC 1005 Indoor   Environmental Quality 0090010055 8
BOC 1006 Common   Opportunities for Low-Cost Operational Improvement 0090010059 8


LEED credential holders can find the classes by logging onto the USGBC website and searching the Credential Maintenance library:

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Council (NEEC) is a non-profit trade association of the energy efficiency industry. NEEC member companies provide energy efficiency products and services and assist in the development and implementation of energy efficiency programs. NEEC advocates an affordable, energy efficient future for commercial, industrial and residential customers.

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