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Course Manager Solicitation for Building Operator Certification Program

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Council (NEEC) is seeking qualified professionals or service companies to provide course management in the Building Operator Certification (BOC®) program.

Individuals and companies who meet the minimum qualifications will be considered for the Course Manager contracts in BOC courses scheduled within a 150 mile radius of their location. The Course Manager provides administrative support to the course instructors and participants over the 8-day course series (classes are typically one day a month). The time commitment is approximately 80 hours per course, including classroom hours.  Duties include grading exams and projects; record keeping; organizing and maintaining classroom materials; coordinating logistics with the venue, caterers and instructor; acting as primary contact for students; managing make-up tests, projects; and managing the BOC certification process at the end of each course series with a goal of achieving 75% participant certification.

This request for qualifications is due by Monday, April 7th 2014. Individuals and companies who would like to be considered for this course management work must provide a cover letter and resume. The cover letter should describe you/your company’s experience in the five minimum qualifications noted below. Resumes without a cover letter will not be accepted. The cover letter and resume may be sent to the attention of Olga Gazman

Veteran-, women-, & minority-owned businesses are encouraged to apply

The Building Operator Certification (BOC®) is a national workforce training and credential program administered by the Northwest Energy Efficiency Council. BOC leverages occupational skills standards in a curriculum that covers energy efficient building operation and maintenance practices, energy management, sustainability, water efficiency, general and electrical safety, and building performance measures. To earn the credential, participants attend training, pass class exams, and complete a series of project assignments at their facility. BOC training is offered as a statewide coordinated initiative in California with sponsorship from the four investor-owned utilities to help their customers improve building energy performance and lower utility costs.

Minimum Qualifications:

Responders must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • One or more years experience in a project management, office administrator, and/or trainer role.
  • A bachelor’s degree.
  • Two or more references NEEC may contact specific to the required work experience.
  • Some familiarity with commercial building operation, maintenance and/or energy efficiency.
  • Be based in the greater San Francisco Bay area and be willing to travel to locations where BOC training is held.

Desired Qualifications 

  • Previous experience in course management.
  • Background in building systems or operations & maintenance.
  • Veteran-, women-, & minority-owned businesses are encouraged to apply.

Proposal to Include:

  • Explanation of experience in course management or related work
  • A detailed account of any expertise in building systems or operations & maintenance.
  • Work plan with plan for staff coverage of classes for course that span up to 6 months.


NEEC provides compensation at competitive rates. Travel expenses are reimbursed.


Responders will be notified in writing within 45 days of receipt of the application as to their qualifying status.

About NEEC

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Council (NEEC) is a business association of the energy efficiency industry in Pacific Northwest. Its members encompass a variety of firms that manufacture and provide energy efficiency services and products. The Council’s mission is to promote energy efficiency policies, programs, and technologies that create jobs and foster economic growth and environmental improvement. NEEC developed the BOC program with funding from the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, a non-profit utility-funded consortium, whose mission is to transform markets for energy-efficient goods and services. NEEC works with an established network of partnering organizations offering BOC training and certification in seventeen states across the county.


BOC Class Topics

Level I – Building Systems Maintenance

BOC 1001 – Energy Efficient Operation of Building HVAC Systems
BOC 1002 – Measuring and Benchmarking Energy Performance
BOC 1003 – Efficient Lighting Fundamentals
BOC 1004 – HVAC Controls Fundamentals
BOC 1005 – Indoor Environmental Quality
BOC 1006 – Common Opportunities for Low-Cost Operational Improvement
BOC 1007 – Facility Electrical Systems
BOC 1008 – Operation & Maintenance Practices for Sustainable Buildings
BOC 1009 – Building Scoping for Operational Improvement

Level II – Equipment Troubleshooting and Maintenance

BOC 201 – Preventive Maintenance & Troubleshooting Principles
BOC 202 – Advanced Electrical Diagnostics
BOC 203 – HVAC Troubleshooting & Maintenance
BOC 204 – HVAC Controls & Optimization
BOC 210 – Advanced Indoor Air Quality
BOC 211 – Motors In Facilities
BOC 212 – Water Efficiency For Building Operators
BOC 213 – Mastering Electric Control Circuits
BOC 214 – Introduction to Building Commissioning
BOC 215 – Electric Motor Management
BOC 216 – Enhanced Automation and Demand Reduction

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