Improvements to the program

Now that we’ve aligned with the ISO 17024 standard, we have updated our website with these improvements to our program. Most notably, the Training and Certification sections have been reorganized to reflect the changes. We now offer three different credentials: BOC Certification, and Level I and II Training Certificates of Completion.

BOC Program infographic - Training and Certification

Certification Exam

To earn the BOC Certification credential, you must pass a new comprehensive exam, written by industry subject matter experts to assure knowledge and skills in energy efficient building operation.

What does this mean for you?

If you are new to the program, when you successfully complete BOC training, you will earn a Training Certificate of Completion (TCOC). If you choose to sit for the Certification Exam and pass, you will earn BOC Certification and become a Certified Building Operator (CBO).

If you are an existing BOC Level I or II certificant, you need to take the Certification Exam in order to earn the 17024 aligned Certification. If you opt out of the exam, your credential will convert to a BOC Training Certificate of Completion (TCOC) the next year you are due for maintenance.


Check out our new and improved Frequently Asked Questions page, or, as always, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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