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Invitation to Compete #24-14
Building Engineer
Facilities Maintenance Department
80 hours per pay period
$27.64 – $30.50 per hour
Application materials must be received by 5 p.m. on Monday, August 4, 2014. This is a regular full-time, non-exempt and benefited position. This classification is part of a bargaining unit represented by AFSCME; upon employment the individual selected must join the union and pay dues. This position is assigned to a shift that works Sunday – Thursday, 12:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.


The Seattle Public Library is Seattle’s center of information and knowledge and one of the most popular and valued services in the city. Library staff members are highly regarded by the public for their knowledge, quality of service and caring. Staff members are committed to the Library’s organizational values of respect, partnership, engagement, diversity, transparency and recognition. In particular, they demonstrate respect, engage in partnerships, and are transparent in their communications and intentions. A strategic priority of the Library is to foster an internal culture of innovation which focuses on creativity, engagement, learning and staff development.

This position is assigned to the downtown library in Seattle. The downtown Central Library is a LEED-Certified Silver Building. This high rise building encompasses 365,000 square feet, 12 levels and includes an HVAC system that exceeds environmental quality standards for commercial, high-rise buildings. This facility is internationally renowned for its architectural design and unique building systems. Read more information about the downtown library at: . The computerized HVAC controls are sophisticated and state-of-the-art. They adjust temperatures, air quality parameters and the air handling dynamics; and they are tied to other critical mechanical systems, including the hot water and fire-life systems.

The Building Engineer, as part of the highly collaborative and energetic facilities maintenance team, is the Library’s lead for recognizing, troubleshooting and resolving Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) operating problems. The position reports to the Building Maintenance Support Supervisors and works with teammates within the Facilities Maintenance Services Department. While this Building Engineer position is primarily responsible for maintaining and controlling HVAC systems at the downtown library; they will also complete work at neighborhood libraries, as necessary. These 26 branch libraries vary in age, size, heating/cooling systems, and architectural design. See more information about the branch libraries here: .

The position is responsible for ensuring that HVAC systems work efficiently and are properly maintained. This position may be assigned to other building maintenance work as needed. This position must drive a library service vehicle to and from locations throughout the City of Seattle in a safe and timely manner; transporting tools, equipment and other items between sites. This position is required to be on standby duty on a rotational basis with other facilities professionals.

Job Responsibilities:

Diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve HVAC problems. Monitor system functioning using computerized controls. Make corrective and preventive adjustments. Take the lead in handling emergency HVAC problems to ensure that facilities can remain open to the public and staff and are safe and comfortable. Interpret data from the computerized control systems. Coordinate corrective actions with key vendors and library maintenance staff. When needed, contact vendors and contractors and arrange for major repairs, and coordinate all with the crew lead and unit supervisors. Perform elements of plumbing, refrigeration, pneumatic and electrical/mechanical crafts to effect system corrections and ensure efficient operation.

Operate building automation systems and controls. Monitor daily and routine system functioning and make corrections and adjustments as needed. Operate Siemens software and computerized controls. Advise library and maintenance staff about system and operational problems.

Oversee the maintenance and repair of the Library’s HVAC systems. Develop and implement regular maintenance and programming schedules for the Central and branch library HVAC systems. Oversee maintenance procedures and arrange for maintenance and repairs as needed. Keep up-to-date information about the operation of the systems, including information about relevant vendors, and contractors and sources of necessary parts and equipment. Coordinate the services of vendors and contractors engaged in new or upgraded HVAC installations or major repairs. Coordinate and communicate these activities with Library staff to ensure the smooth delivery of services in the Library’s public buildings.

Provide for the administrative support of HVAC operations. As needed, develop reports and studies, maintain operating records, maintain maintenance records, develop or revise preventative maintenance procedures, and assist with communications with contractors, vendors and staff. Maintain and update system documentation, equipment specifications, blueprints and schematics. Utilize the Library’s computerized maintenance management system in the completion of daily work and in the management of HVAC programs.

Ensure the safe operation of HVAC systems. Identify safety hazards and take appropriate action to ensure that equipment is operating properly, that maintenance and troubleshooting activities are performed safely and effectively, and that air quality meets all regulatory standards.


Minimum Qualifications 

  • Completion of an accredited apprenticeship or vocational program in the field of building engineering, industrial plant maintenance or HVAC systems, OR the equivalent.
  • A minimum of three (3) years of skilled trade work in HVAC systems.
  • A minimum of two (2) years of experience with the operation of industrial, commercial and/or high-rise HVAC systems that includes: steam heat, chillers, large volume and complex air-handlers, and direct digital controls.
  • HVAC experience must include:
    • Experience and skill in diagnosing and troubleshooting operating problems in large HVAC systems such as those in office buildings, large multi-story commercial buildings or multi-story medical facilities.
    • Skill and knowledge of electrical, mechanical, plumbing and related trades involved in HVAC operations.
    • Experience and skill in the development and implementation of maintenance schedules and principles used in HVAC management, such as large, complex smoke evacuation systems and energy management systems.
    • Demonstrated skill and ability to install, operate, repair and replace building automation control systems (using direct digital controls) and all types of devices including electrical, mechanical and pneumatic.
  • Job skills and knowledge must include:
    • Experience reading and working from shop drawings and blueprints.
    • Knowledge of safety codes and practices.
    • Knowledge of or experience using Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).
  • Ability to perform the physical tasks involved in maintaining and troubleshooting HVAC systems, including the ability to lift 50 pounds on an occasional basis, able to tolerate exposure to the noise, dust and conditions of HVAC environments, able to climb ladders and work at heights, normal eyesight (with correction), and normal hearing range.
  • Ability to use and operate safely a variety of hand and power tools.
  • Effective written communication skills and the ability to follow oral and written instructions in manuals, labels and other work related materials.
  • Experience must demonstrate the ability to apply courteous and responsive customer service when working with others.
  • Excellent communication, conflict-resolution, and interpersonal skills. Able to communicate clearly and interact effectively with the public, Library staff, contractors, and other Facilities personnel. Ability to respond with tact and courtesy in the resolution of problems or complaints.
  • Proficient computer skills including the ability to write documents using word processing software, access and operate e-mail, and navigate the internet.
  • Ability to plan and schedule own work efficiently, work independently with minimum on-site supervision.
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively and cooperatively in a diverse team environment, to work with diverse styles, and to respect and acknowledge cultural differences.
  • Possession of a valid Driver’s License; the successful candidate must have or obtain a Washington State Driver’s License upon employment.

Desirable Qualifications 

  • A minimum of one (1) year of experience operating Siemens building control system, is preferred.
  • Possession of or the ability to obtain related licenses within 12 months of employment, specifically: City of Seattle Grade III Steam Engineer’s license, EPA CFC Universal Certificate, Washington State Electrician Specialty License (HVAC/R) and City of Seattle Refrigeration Mechanic’s License Class A.

Additional Information:

How to Apply 

To be considered for this vacancy candidates must submit an application via this site and include:

  • Cover Letter describing how your qualifications and experience meet those required for the position
  • Resume
  • Completion of the Supplemental Questions

All application materials must be received by 5 p.m. on Monday, August 4, 2014. Only applicants who meet the minimum requirements will be considered. Applicants who are selected to move forward in the process will be invited to participate in an interview, written skills assessment, and hands-on skills demonstration.

Note: Successful candidates will also be asked to provide a current Washington State Driver’s Abstract upon employment. 

THE SEATTLE PUBLIC LIBRARY PROUDLY PROMOTES DIVERSITY IN EMPLOYMENT. If accommodations are needed during the selection process, please let us know.

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