glass-bldg-06505752Just like a car, buildings need regular tune-ups to make sure they’re running efficiently. A building’s mechanical and electrical systems become less efficient with age, and without a tune-up, you may be wasting money every month.

PSE’s Comprehensive Building Tune-Up (CBTU) involves commissioning the building’s existing systems. This process optimizes existing systems, so there’s no major capital expense – with little up-front investment, you can watch the savings roll in!
See how The Westin saves $46,600 per year by participating in the CBTU program.

Benefits to participants:

  • PSE pays up to 100% of customer cost
  • On-site review by energy experts
  • Comprehensive training for O&M staff
  • Facility guide unique to the building’s systems
  • Solutions for building issues such as comfort
  • Improved ENERGY STAR® rating
  • List of recommendations eligible for PSE incentives
  • 7-20% lower energy after improvements
  • Pre-approved commissioning providers

Get pre-approved by PSE! Buildings and campuses 50,000 square feet or larger and 75 percent occupied are eligible for building tune ups. Find out if your facility qualifies today.
Interested? Click here for qualifications, program requirements and next steps. 


While PSE’s CBTU Program can help you put your building operation and energy use back on track, you can also save by reviewing your building’s system requirements and those of your occupants as they are likely to change regularly. If you stay on top of occupancy scheduling, system setpoints and maintenance, you can enjoy reduced operating cost well into the future.

Online Account Tools

As a small business customer, you can manage your PSE account online with services that track and analyze your energy use. You can make online payments, and see how weather fluctuations, billing cycles and rate changes affect your bill. Learn more about these useful online tools.


MyData (formerly called Automated Benchmarking) is a tool to request whole building energy usage data from PSE. Use it with your ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® account or simply request the data in an Excel spreadsheet for other purposes.

PSE Energy Advisors

Have questions about how to make your business more energy efficient? Which rebates, grants and programs your business is qualified to take advantage of, or why PSE’s Green Power Program is good for the environment? PSE’s expert Energy Advisor team can help!

For personalized advice, call 1-800-562-1482, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.,

or contact a PSE Energy Advisor by e-mail.


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