California is set to become the first state in the country to require benchmarking for commercial and large multi-family buildings. This new bill, Assembly Bill No. 802 will fully implement the commercial benchmarking and disclosure law that has been delayed in the state, while adding the requirement for multi-family.

BOC teaches building operators how to use the Energy Star benchmarking tool, Portfolio Manager, in its Level I course. Training is available nationwide. 

The National Resources Defense Council supported the bill and provides insight on the bill and its implications for state utilities.

“Not only will California’s commercial building benchmarking program finally be implemented under legislation passed by the California Legislature last week, but it will be expanded to cover large multifamily housing, making California the first state in the country with a benchmarking program spanning both sectors. It will also provide owners of residential and commercial buildings with their total energy usage information, enabling them to make smart energy efficiency and renewable investments to improve building performance.

That’s good news for owners and tenants, alike, because it will lead to increased comfort, lower utility bills, and more. Large commercial and residential building owners will be able to compare their buildings’ energy use to similar buildings while cities, utilities, owners, businesses, and residents can more easily identify opportunities for saving energy.” Maria Stamas, “California Legislature Provides Key to Unlock Efficiency Savings in Buildings, Makes Benchmarking a Reality” 

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