Certified Building Operator iconBOC Certification

There is a growing emphasis on professional credentials in energy efficient building operations. As an industry leader, BOC Certification is now aligned with an international standard for organizations that certify personnel (ISO 17024). When you pass the BOC Certification Exam, you earn the BOC Certification and can use the professional designation Certified Building Operator (CBO).

Other Credentials

Successful graduates of our training program earn Training Certificates of Completion (TCOC). Graduates who elect to take the Certification Exam and pass earn the BOC Certification and become a Certified Building Operator (CBO).

Who should consider BOC certification?

Anyone who has completed BOC Level I training or an equivalent program is eligible to sit for the Certification Exam. The Certified Building Operator (CBO) designation is essential for anyone who works in facility maintenance and operations, including:

  • Building and stationary engineers
  • Maintenance workers and supervisors
  • Operations technicians and supervisors
  • Facility coordinators
  • Electricians
  • HVAC technicians

The certification process

Successfully completing BOC training is one component of eligibility for certification. You will be guided through this process during your course training should you choose to register for the exam.

  1. Complete Level I course training. No matter when you completed the BOC Level I training, you are eligible to sit for the exam.
  2. Complete Training Certificate of Completion/Certification Eligibility Application (shows eligibility to take exam)
  3. Earn Training Certificate of Completion (TCOC)
  4. Sit for Certification Exam
  5. Earn BOC Certification and become a Certified Building Operator (CBO)
  6. Maintain certification through annual continuing education and completion of maintenance process

For more information about the process review the BOC Certification Candidate Handbook.


As always, we are here to answer your questions and make sure you have a successful experience with the BOC program. If you have any questions, please contact us.