In order to earn the BOC Certification and become a Certified Building Operator (CBO), you must pass a comprehensive exam. The exam takes place after the course is completed and exam applications have been reviewed.

What is the Certification Exam?

The Certification Exam is a 3 hour test addressing topics covered in the course training. You must score 67% to pass.

Exam BlueprintPercentItems
Total Items =100
Critical Work Functions100%100
Section A. 31 Items31%31
Maintain Energy Using Building Systems, Equipment, and Envelope to Minimize Energy Use 
Section B. 41 Items41%41
Operate Energy Using Systems for High Performance 
Section C. 15 Items15%15
Perform Technical and Administrative Duties
Section D. 13 Items13%13
Maintain Indoor Environmental Quality to Standards 

How to prepare for the exam

All critical work functions that make up the Certification Exam are part of the BOC Level I training course. In addition, we offer a series of Exam Prep Webinars to help you prepare for the Certification Exam.

To further prepare, you can purchase practice quizzes and the newest versions of BOC handbooks from the BOC Shop, and/or refresh yourself with BOC handbooks from your course. Recorded technical webinars on a wide range of topics are also available for purchase in the BOC Webinar Library.

The chart below shows which BOC course materials correspond with which Critical Work Functions covered in the Certification Exam.

Critical Work FunctionsCorresponding Training
Section A: Maintain Energy Using Building Systems, Equipment, and Envelope to Minimize Energy UseBOC Classes 1001–1007, 1009 and 201
Section B: Operate Energy Using Systems for High PerformanceBOC Classes 1001–09 and 201
Section C: Perform Technical and Administrative DutiesBOC Classes 1001, 1003–07, 1009, 201 and 2015 Recorded Webinars #1-#4
Section D: Maintain Indoor Environmental Quality to StandardsBOC Classes 1001, 1003, and 1005

Ready to take the exam and become a Certified Building Operator?

Go to the Certification Exam Locator, create an account, and find a testing location near you.

We are currently improving our exam administration options. The current platform will only be used through 12/31/2019. The current site is only available to schedule exams through December 31, 2019. We will contact you with instructions for using our improved service to schedule exams in 2020 as soon as possible. If you have questions, please contact the BOC Help Desk at 1-877-850-4793.

BOC aligns with ISO 17024

We have undertaken an initiative to align the BOC program with an international standard for organizations that certify personnel. Learn details about the ISO 17024 alignment.  Part of this change is the addition of this comprehensive exam. Learn more about the Certification.