The City of Bellevue is on the lookout for a Senior Facility Planning Coordinator to join our team in the Transformation and Centers of Excellence Division! As the Senior Facility Planning Coordinator, you’ll be the driving force behind integrating sustainability principles and climate resilience strategies into our long-range planning efforts. From managing facility projects to coordinating resources and communicating with stakeholders, you’ll play a crucial role in shaping the future of Bellevue. Apply now and let’s work together to build a greener, more sustainable Bellevue.

Senior Facility Planning Coordinator (Limited Term)

Job Description

Are you driven by a commitment to sustainability, environmental stewardship, and community well-being? Do you have a passion for spearheading multifaceted projects that shape municipal operations across departments and facilities for the City of Bellevue?  Are you skilled at aligning timing, funding, business requirements with diverse stakeholders’ needs?

The City of Bellevue for a skilled and dedicated Senior Facility Planning Specialist to join our dynamic team. In this role, you will take the lead in integrating sustainability principles and climate resiliency strategies into our long-range planning endeavors.
As a Senior Facility Planning Specialist, your responsibilities will include managing and coordinating the long-range planning, programming, and pre-design phases of all facility projects. You will oversee planning and resource allocation for city-owned municipal facilities, conducting comprehensive short and long-range facility planning, including feasibility assessments and development of facility master plans.

Furthermore, you will play a pivotal role in communicating the city’s current and projected space requirements to management teams, making informed recommendations regarding present and future space utilization and facility needs. Your expertise will be instrumental in investigating and resolving technical issues, drawing insights from facilities condition assessments, master plans, and project lists to align with city-wide sustainability goals and Comprehensive Plan policies.
The ideal candidate should have a proven track record of managing facility renovation projects, excellent communication and leadership skills, and the ability to work collaboratively with a team. If you possess a deep-seated passion for planning with a focus on sustainability and environmental stewardship, we eagerly await your application to join our team at the forefront of municipal innovation. Let your expertise shape the future of Bellevue – we look forward to hearing from you!


  • Coordinate programming and pre-design, design and construction of facility renovations, with emphasis on coordinating with inspectors, general contractors and other on-site needs as assigned.
  • Manage consultants and contractors utilizing industry best practice construction management.
  • Investigates and resolves technical issues.
  • Interpret plans and specifications and evaluate deviations from specified construction procedures including identification of impacts from deviation, estimation of any associated cost, and evaluation of deviation’s affects on project budget and schedule in partnership with project management staff.
  • Mitigate impacts of change orders caused by site conditions and/or construction issues and monitor implementation of approved change orders on site.
  • Oversee construction projects on a daily basis or as required.  Make on-site inspections to review progress of work and answer questions.
  • Review preliminary and final contract plans and specifications with appropriate staff/consultants.  Coordinate and facilitate meetings and work progress with design project managers, contractors, subcontractors, inspectors, consultants, other city staff, property owners (citizens and businesses), franchise utilities, and local, state, and federal agencies.
  • Maintain project documentation and assist supervisor, project manager and City legal advisors in contract claim preparation and defense.
  • Ensure compliance with plans and specifications, ensure proper construction methods are utilized.
  • Implement, monitor, and maintain onsite programs to verify compliance with local, state, and federal standards with regards to environmental, wildlife, and other sensitive issues.
  • Communicate professionally and effectively with project management, consultant inspectors, consulting engineers, contractors, property owners, businesses, city staff, media, and the general public regarding assigned projects.

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