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Indoor Air Quality Best Practices
In the ever-changing HVAC field, it’s important to consider how new systems and technology affects a building’s indoor air quality (IAQ). Part of our Smart HVAC series, this webinar will focus on HVAC’s role in IAQ and best practices for ensuring a safe and healthy environment for all occupants.

The Benefits of Energy and Domestic Water Submetering
One of the top priorities of building owners is the need for more efficient and accurate BTU metering. Not only does this reduce the amount of energy used, it also decreases operational costs as well. Since the early 1980’s ultrasonic clamp-on Flow meters have been utilized for BTU metering and submetering. Some advantages of FLEXIM clamp-on meters are; retrofit capability no shutdown, all in one BTU meter, low flow sensitivity for measuring off peak flows, and 1% accuracy. In this presentation we will cover clamp-on BTU metering technology, features, accuracy, and discuss the benefits of submetering in the energy industry.

Free Cooling Fundamentals for Data Centers
Increasing your data center’s efficiency could be as easy as letting in some fresh air. Free cooling provided by an economizer system can supplement your current practices by reducing the amount of work shouldered by CRAC units and other equipment, but not every climate is a good candidate. Could your facility be a good fit?

Curbing the Cost of Data Center Cooling
Not only are cooling costs for data centers already red hot and rising with energy prices, they are impacted by continual changes in IT equipment and racks. According to ENERGY STAR, the energy required for a data center’s cooling is 10 times greater than that required for other buildings regardless of climate region. This webinar will provide tips on reducing cooling costs in both free-standing data centers and in-building centers.

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