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Earn BOC credential maintenance points through these online trainings:

Fine-Tuning HVAC Controls for Maximum Efficiency
A building control package is like a toolbox – it can’t help you if you don’t use it correctly. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to use every tool that a building control system gives you to reduce your energy costs, from finding the best locations for sensors and switches to partially automating your control processes with zoning and setbacks.

Smart Strategies to Maximize Equipment Life
Avoiding unexpected repairs and maintenance is the key to keeping your building profitable. That starts with creating a plan to keep your equipment reliable. This course will walk you through operational strategies for maintaining the health of multiple building systems.

Energy and Building Management Solutions Using the Internet of Things
To reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions, incorporating Internet of Things connectivity with legacy building information can identify when facility equipment is operating inefficiently. Walk through a case study of how AT&T implemented IoT sensors to gather data on previously unmonitored equipment and merged it with data from existing building management systems. Centralizing equipment performance information has optimized maintenance schedules to address problems in a timely manner and enabled integrated dashboards, reports and alerts.

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