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Best Practices for Building Energy Management
This session is on the basics of realizing deep savings on building systems such as lighting, HVAC, building automation, and how standards may be changing in the future to meet targets like the 2030 Challenge.

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Design Criteria for UV Light Disinfection Usage and Operation in Commercial and Public Buildings

Join us to discuss the research around UV light technology and how it can be effective at inactivating pathogens in commercial and public buildings…but is it a viable solution? Properly applied, UV light disinfection can reduce the amount of chemicals needed for disinfection purposes and reduce active pathogens in spaces.

The webinar will investigate the application design parameters and the specific technologies to consider that will enable a holistic approach to designing a UV light disinfection system that works in high-occupancy and public spaces for occupants and provides building owners and facility managers with and effective science-based solution with actual operational guidelines.

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Improve Energy Efficiency, Aesthetics, Occupant Comfort, and Security with Sun Control Window Films

Buildings are not closed systems: they overheat in the summer, leak heat in winter, tax HVAC systems year round, challenge maintenance and repair crews, and add to energy bills. What if sun control window film was applied to all the glass and windows in a building? What would result?

With the right sun control window film application, building managers, owners, and proprietors can see dramatically improved energy efficiency, better occupant comfort, and an amazing exterior aesthetic—just to name a few.

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