The BOC BULLETIN is published bi-annually for BOC Graduates and their employers. In addition to features, industry updates and graduate profiles, each issue features a technical article linked to an online quiz. Graduates are eligible for one maintenance point per quiz passed. Issues prior to 2010 have the quiz contained within the publication, which can be mailed in with your maintenance application.

Please note that some technical articles are too long for hard copy publication. Full-length article links are below and contain information covered in the Bulletin’s quiz.

Current BOC Bulletins

BOC Bulletin Winter/Spring 2024(PDF 2 MB)
Quiz: Navigating the Impact of Building Performance Standards on Facilities and Finances

BOC Bulletin Summer/Fall 2023 (PDF 2 MB)
Quiz: These Buildings Aren’t Going to Decarbonize Themselves

BOC Bulletin Winter/Spring 2023 (PDF 2 MB)
Quiz: Commissioning and the Building Operator

BOC Bulletin Summer/Fall 2022 (PDF 2 MB)
Quiz: Work Smarter Not Harder 

BOC Bulletin Winter/Spring 2022 (PDF 2 MB)
Quiz: Benchmarking Building Performance 

BOC Bulletin Summer/Fall 2021 (PDF 2 MB)
Quiz: Smart Buildings Trends & Technologies

BOC Bulletin Winter/Spring 2021 (PDF 2MB)
Quiz: HVAC Upgrades for COVID

BOC Bulletin Summer/Fall 2020 (PDF 2 MB)
Quiz: Outdoor Water Conservation

BOC Bulletin Winter/Spring 2020 (PDF 1.1 MB)
Quiz: Continuum of Smart Buildings

BOC Bulletin Summer/Fall 2019 (PDF 2MB )
Quiz: Demand-Controlled Ventilation

BOC Bulletin Winter/Spring 2019 (PDF 1MB )
Quiz: Secondary Glazing System

BOC Bulletin Summer/Fall 2018 (PDF 1MB)
Quiz: Dedicated Outdoor Air System

BOC Bulletin Winter/Spring 2018 (PDF 1 MB)
Quiz: Reducing Air Leaks

BOC Bulletin Summer/Fall 2017 (PDF 844k)
Quiz: Building Operators and Office Comfort

BOC Bulletin Winter/Spring 2017 (PDF 1.2 MB)
Quiz: Building Re-tuning
Five lessons (Re-tuning for Buildings without BAS) from the Building Re-tuning online training serve as the Tech Article and Quiz topic.

Past BOC Bulletins

BOC Bulletin Summer/Fall 2016 (PDF 754k)
QUIZ: Building Symptom Diagnosis Tool
Reference articles at
The Building Symptom Diagnosis Tool and
System Diagnostic Tools (scroll down and choose “Equipment operates during unoccupied hours”)

BOC Bulletin Winter/Spring 2016 (PDF 1.5 MB)
QUIZ: Stop Water Infiltration
Full-length article at Stop Water Infiltration

BOC Bulletin Summer/Fall 2015 (PDF 1.7MB)
QUIZ: Roofing Riddle: Repair, Replace or Recover
Full-length article at Roofing Riddle

BOC Bulletin Winter/Spring 2015 (PDF 1.7MB)
QUIZ: Developing a Building System Operations Map
Building Night Walk Video Series at BetterBricks website

BOC Bulletin Summer/Fall 2014 (PDF 1.4MB)
QUIZ: Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)

BOC Bulletin Winter/Spring 2014 (PDF 1.4MB)
QUIZ: Solid State Lighting (SSL): LED Basics and Effective Uses
Full-length articles on the US Dept. of Energy website:
LED Basics; Using LEDs; Where Can We Use SSL today

BOC Bulletin Summer/Fall 2013 (PDF 1.4MB)
QUIZ: Measuring Carbon Dioxide Inside Buildings – Why is it Important?
Full-length article: Measuring Carbon Dioxide Inside Buildings – Why is it Important? (PDF 745k)

BOC Bulletin Winter/Spring 2013 (PDF 1.6MB)
QUIZ: Finding Hidden Energy Waste with Data Loggers: 8 Cost-Saving Opportunities
Full-length article: Finding Hidden Energy Waste with Data Loggers: 8 Cost-Saving Opportunities (PDF 1.2MB)

BOC Bulletin Summer/Fall 2012 (PDF 1.4MB)
QUIZ: Bright Ideas from

BOC Bulletin Winter/Spring 2012 (PDF 1.5MB)
QUIZ: Care of Airside Economizers to Realize Free Cooling Benefits

BOC Bulletin Summer/Fall 2011 (PDF 1.16MB)
QUIZ: The Benefits of Night Walks

BOC Bulletin Winter/Spring 2011 (PDF 897k)
Quiz no longer available for maintenance points.

BOC Bulletin Summer/Fall 2010 (PDF 877k)
QUIZ: Strategies for Indoor Environmental Quality Assurance

BOC Bulletin Winter/Spring 2010 (PDF 760k)
Quiz no longer available for maintenance points.

BOC Bulletin Summer/Fall 2009 (PDF 787k)

BOC Bulletin Winter/Spring 2009 (PDF 707k)

BOC Bulletin Summer/Fall 2008 (PDF 621k)

BOC Bulletin Winter/Spring 2008 (PDF 464k)
Full-length article: Improving Indoor Air Quality, Saving Energy & Reducing Your Carbon Footprint (PDF 252k)

BOC Bulletin Summer/Fall 2007 (PDF 917k)

BOC Bulletin Winter/Spring 2007 (PDF 655k)

BOC Bulletin Summer/Fall 2006 (PDF 422k)
Full-length articles: Benchmarking (PDF 136k); Building Retro-commissioning (PDF 116k)

BOC Bulletin Winter/Spring 2006 (PDF 453k)