Quiz: Building Re-tuning

Quiz iconThis quiz refers to the Building Retuning overview in Building Re-Tuning™ Training: Providing Energy Saving Solutions through Interactive e-Learning from the winter/spring 2017 issue of the BOC Bulletin and the online building re-tuning training lessons it references. By this time you have reviewed the five lessons we selected from the Building Re-tuning online training to serve as the basis for the tech quiz for this issue. Taking and successfully passing this quiz can earn you one maintenance points toward renewal of your BOC credential.

QUIZ: Building Re-tuning

  • Lesson 1

    In LESSON 1, What is Building Retuning, you learned about the retuning process and principles. Answer these questions about Lesson 1.
  • Lesson 2

    In LESSON 2, Real Life Example, you read about a 20K square foot building where the building operating engineers complained it consumed too much energy and the occupants were uncomfortable with room temperatures. A team of specialists came in to investigate.
  • Lesson 3

    In LESSON 3, Getting Started with Building Inspections, you learned about useful tools for a building inspection.
  • Lesson 4

    In LESSON 4, Building Inspection Tutorial, you practiced doing a building inspection using the tutorial. Please answer the two questions below.
  • Lesson 5

    In LESSON 5, Building Inspection for an Older Building, you were to inspect an older office building of 16K square feet in Minnesota. The outdoor temp on inspection day was 40 F and the building had 37 energy-related building issues. Based on your inspection of the roof and perimeter office, answer the two questions below.
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