Quiz: The Building Symptom Diagnosis Tool

Quiz iconThis quiz refers to the two technical articles in the Summer/Fall 2016 issue of the BOC Bulletin entitled, The Building Symptom Diagnosis Tool: Your Guide to Uncovering Energy Savings and its companion piece, Equipment Operates During Unoccupied Hours. To earn one maintenance point towards your annual BOC credential maintenance, read the articles, the first of which is on pages 1 and 2 of the issue, and the second, which begins on page 3 and continues online at the Better Bricks website (this link brings you to an alphabetized listing of topics – scroll down to find Equipment operates during unoccupied hours, the article is continued there. Then, take this short online quiz based on the material. Print the confirmation of your quiz upon completion and submit it with the credential maintenance application when you are renewing. With a passing grade, we will apply one maintenance point to your record.

QUIZ: The Building Symptom Diagnosis Tool

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