Technical Webinar Series

BOC offers live instructional webinars throughout the year to keep you informed on the dynamic field of facilities management. Learn practical solutions to deal with the energy hogs in your building from industry experts. The 2018 webinars focus on ways to improve occupant and thermal comfort by addressing components of a building such as indoor air quality, humidity, strategies for occupant engagement, as well as explore advancements in building and lighting controls.

For the BOC graduate, successful completion of the webinar and accompanying quiz provides 1.5 points towards maintaining your BOC Certification and .15 IACET CEU’s towards the renewal of industry certifications, certificates and licenses including but not limited to AIA, PE, LEED, IFMA, ASHRAE, and AEE.

Live webinars are held from 2 to 3 p.m. ET. Once broadcast, they are available on demand in recorded format from our webinar library.

2018 Live Webinars

2018 Recorded Webinars

  • Lighting Controls - Top 5 Things to Know

    Building owners and facility operators are becoming increasingly aware of the cost savings and reduced energy consumption benefits of lighting control technology. This webinar will discuss the need for advanced efficient lighting and controls and discuss what’s trending to include sophisticated controls, wireless systems, to fully integrated lighting system for building solutions. (Recorded May 22, 2018)

    Speaker: Shaun Darragh, Lighting Design Lab


    Fee: $59

  • Top 5 Strategies for Indoor Air Quality and Energy Efficiency

    A formula for saving money and taking a proactive approach to keeping your IAQ while boosting energy efficiency. Participants will be able to identify HVAC measures for further exploration and apply new approaches for better performance. Building operators, owners, and designers can all pick up some tips here to boost occupant satisfaction and ensure that you’re not courting trouble with your building ventilation, temperatures, air pressures and moisture. (Recorded Apr 19, 2018)

    Speaker: Brad Turk, Environmental Building Sciences


    Fee: $59

  • The Autonomous Driving Building: What's in the Future for Building Control Systems

    There have been significant advancements in building control systems in the last 20 years. The internet and web-based applications have had a significant impact on the way facility operators interact with their building systems. What does the next 20 years look like? This webinar will explore the trends in building controls for facility operators moving forward. (Recorded Mar 15, 2018)

    Speaker: Neil Bavins, PSR Mechanical


    Fee: $59

  • My Facility is Too Humid - How can I solve this problem?

    Many HVAC systems are not designed to deal well with high relative humidity conditions. In many cases, systems are undersized, or there is no reheat function to control RH, or the reheat function is too expensive to operate, so it is shut down. Many office buildings are run 24/7 during the summer to try to keep their occupants comfortable. When RH control is missing, biological growth can occur that can lead to serious problems. In hospital and healthcare situations, poor RH control and biological growth can even lead to death in patients with compromised immune systems.

    The High Efficiency Dehumidification System (HEDS) was developed at the request of the US Army Corps of Engineers to deal with energy waste and biological growth problems for their facilities globally. (Recorded Feb 22, 2018)

    Speaker: Scot Duncan, ROI Engineering


    Fee: $59