Technical Webinar Series

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New Technologies for Lighting Retrofits

This webinar scans the horizon of new lighting technologies and offer insights on performance and application.

Download the slides here (PDF)

Operational Improvements Using Building Automation Systems

This webinar demonstrates how to visualize and analyze BAS data to identify opportunities to improve occupant comfort and reduce energy use by focusing on the 3 basic S’s of controls – Schedules, Setpoints, and Sequences.

Download the slides here (PDF)

Building Envelope Leakage/Infiltration – Air, Moisture and the Problems They Cause

This webinar examines the role that the building envelope and its interaction with the HVAC systems play in ensuring both occupant comfort condition, improving energy efficiency, and lowering cost of operation.

Download the slides here (PDF)

Troubleshooting Common Air Handler Problems

This webinar reviews common problems encountered with air handlers from dirty and clogged filters to broken belts, fan rotation, and motor failure, then introduce tools for verifying operation and approaches to correcting problems.

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Addressing Hot and Cold Calls

This webinar provides an overview of mechanical system operation for thermal comfort, a checklist for gathering data to analyze the problem, and troubleshooting techniques for resolving the problem and keeping your occupants and tenants informed.

Supplemental files

Download the slides here (PDF)

Building Re-tuning without a Building Automation System

This webinar discusses methods for using low-cost data gathering methods and repeatable methodologies to identify opportunities for operational improvements.

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