BOC 1007

Credits: .8
Lecture: 4.25 hrs
Activities: 1 hr
Breaks/Lunch: 1.75 hrs
Test: 1 hr
Total: 8 hrs

Prerequisites: None

Class Description: Participants will learn basic electrical theory, safety procedures, power distribution, and energy conservation to develop a practical understanding of electricity and its use in commercial facilities. Participants will learn basic troubleshooting in order to effectively work with licensed staff and/or contractors with ongoing electrical problems and maintenance support.

BOC 1007 Student Handbook
BOC 1007 Student Handbook Appendices

  • Glossary
  • Answers to class activities
  • Supplemental class activities
  • Answers to “test your knowledge” questions

Project Assignment: None

Learning Objectives:

  • Define common terms in the electrical industry
  • Identify Ohms law for resistive and inductive circuits
  • Compare differences between series and parallel loads
  • Calculate Wattage, Voltage, Amperage, Resistance
  • Identify electrical hazards and safety practices
  • Differentiate between types of meters and how to use them safely for testing and troubleshooting
  • Examine power distribution methods and transformers wiring methods
  • Describe typical PM procedures to maintain an energy efficient and reliable facility electrical system.

NOTE: The outline provides suggested time allotments for presentations and activities based on an 8am start time and 4pm end time. Instructors have the latitude to adjust the allotments commensurate with actual start times, the knowledge and experience in the cohort, and the class size. For example, larger classes may require more time for group work and “report outs”.

8:00am Introduction, warm up activity & agenda (Slides 1-4)

8:10am Project debrief

8:20am Electrical Theory (Slides 5-12)

  • Atom Structure
  • Ohm’s Law
  • Activity #1: Use Ohm’s Law to solve problems

8:40am Series Circuits (Slides 13-16)

  • Introduction to series circuits
  • Activity #2: Solve series circuit problems

9:15am BREAK

9:30am Parallel Circuits (17-24)

  • Introduction to parallel circuits
  • Activity #3: Solve parallel circuit problems
  • Activity #4: Application to portable space heater

10:15am Electrical Safety (Slides 25-35)

  • Arch flash hazard
  • Warning labels
  • PPE
  • First aid procedures
  • Lock-outs and tag-outs
  • Grounding & safety circuits
  • Short circuits

10:45am BREAK

11:00am Meter  Basics for Measuring Electricity (Slides 36-48)

  • Checklist
  • Electric test tool
  • Measuring volts and amps
  • Basic meter tests

11:45am AC Cycles & Phases (Slide 49)

12pm LUNCH

1:00pm Electrical Induction (Slides 50-61)

  • Introduction to electrical induction
  • Solenoids
  • Motors
  • Transformers

1:30pm Electrical Distribution (Slides62-70)

  • Utility electrical distribution
  • Building electrical distribution
  • Metering
  • Emergency Generator
  • Voltage phases


2:15pm Electrical Troubleshooting (Slides 71-94)

  • Circuit breakers and panels
  • Fuses
  • Transformers
  • Voltage irregularities
  • Harmonics
  • Power factor

2:45pm Electric system maintenance (Slides95-98)

2:55pm Summary (Slide 90)

3:00pm BOC 1007 Test and evaluation (Slide 100)

4:00pm End of class