BOC 2001

Credits: 2
Lecture: 8 hrs
Project: 6 hrs
Group Exercises: 6 hrs
Total: 20 hrs


Class Description: In this two-day class, participants will learn about the Building Operator Certification Level II training program and the requirements for earning the Level II Certificate. Participants will also learn how to gather building data and create a building walkthrough plan to find opportunities for improving their building’s efficiency and operational performance. Topics include the characteristics of high performance buildings, data gathering tools such as a building operations map and occupant interview guide, four common opportunities for operational improvement, and the steps for completing a building walkthrough. Two days.

PROJECT: Benchmark the building’s energy performance with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, complete a building operations map, and a scoping interview guide.

BOC 2001 Student Handbook
BOC Level II Project Workbook


  1. Explain the requirements for successful completion of the Level II training certificate
  2. Define a high performance building
  3. Describe the four elements of a building scoping plan
  4. Gather information about your building for a scoping plan
  5. Analyze seasonal trends and occupancy factor for a case study building
  6. Describe the components of the Level II project assignment


  1. Report the findings from completing the Day 1 project assignment
  2. Conduct a building scoping interview
  3. Complete a building operations map
  4. Describe four common opportunities for improving building energy performance through a tune-up
  5. Describe two examples of problems uncovered during a building walkthrough
  6. List the steps in the Day 2 project assignment and your approach to completing it


Introduction, warm up activity & agenda

Level II requirements & credential

  • Activity 1 – Why are you here?

Level II project – overview of all 5 assignments

High performance buildings

  • Activity 2 – Your experience with HP buildings

Building scoping definition and process

  • Activity 3 – Building scoping for your building

“Check your knowledge” questions

Scoping action plan

  • Activity 4 – ACME Building case study
  • Activity 5  – Energy Star Worksheet

Video: Electric Meter Data Training Series – 3.5 minutes

  • Activity 6 – Video take-aways
  • Activity 7 – What utility consumption data tells us

2001-A project assignment review

  • Activity 8 – Calculate an EUI for the ACME Building
  • Activity 10 – Day 1 Revisit

BOC 2001-A Test


Review Day 1 Test Results and Answers (15 mins)

  • Activity 1- 2001-A Project Exchange (30 mins)

Scoping Interview (20 minutes)

  • Activity 2 – Planning the scoping interview for your building (30 mins)

Four common opportunities (30 mins)

  • Activity 3 – Using the O&M Checklists in ACME building (30 mins)

Building operations map overview (20 mins)

  • Activity 4 – Completing the ops  map for your building (20 mins)

Check your knowledge questions

Day 2 Project Assignment (15 mins)

Building Walkthrough Overview (15 mins)

  • Activity 5 – Student experiences doing walkthroughs (20 mins)

Building Walkthrough Videos

  • Class Discussion – “What are your take aways?”
  • Activity 6 – currently is “1009 Activity 2”

Review discussion for test prep

BOC 2001-B Test