BOC 2012

Credits: 1
Lecture: 6 hrs
Class Exercise: 1 hr
Project: 3 hrs
Total: 10 hrs

Prerequisites: The student should be familiar with overall facility layout, and comfortable using electrical meters. In addition, the BOC Level I series must have been completed, in particular BOC 107.

Learning Outcomes/Competencies:
At the completion of the Advanced Electrical Systems Diagnostics, a participant will be able to:

  • use troubleshooting skills to solve problems in their facility.
  • apply knowledge of electrical systems.
  • understand the dynamic relationship between various loads and machinery.
  • use meters to determine electrical disruptions.
  • identify components of voltage sag, power quality, harmonics, and how they effect electrical systems.
  • know electrical diagnostic terminology.
  • accurately describe electrical needs and problems when speaking with vendors and utility personnel.
  • prepare for or assist with a power quality survey of the facility.
  • successfully complete the facility project assignment.

Texts:  STUDENT HANDBOOK: BOC 2012 – Advanced Electrical Diagnostics, plus course handouts

Special Equipment for Instructors: Multimeters, participants may bring their own.


a. Test 50%
b. Facility project assignment 50%

BOC 2012 – Advanced Electrical Systems Diagnostics: Course Outline

1. Overview of Electrical Systems

a. Electrical maintenance and monitoring
b. Common problems

2. Motors

a. Inspection
b. Monitoring

3. Power Quality Basics

a. Voltage Sags
b. Voltage Transients
c. Surge damage and surge suppressors
d. TVSS selection

4. Harmonics

a. Theory
b. Spectrum and numbers
c. Survey and troubleshooting tools

5. Transformer Neutral Current

6. K rated Transformers

7. Multimeters

8. Capacitive Voltage Testers

9. Equipment

a. Lighting
b. Three Phase Motors
c. Voltage Unbalance
d. Magnetic Motor Starters
e. PC Board handling
f. Electronic Troubleshooting

Facility Project Assignment

Describe a power quality upgrade plan for your facility or for part of your facility. You have two options for this assignment. Pick one and complete it.

Option #1

If your facility is already practicing excellent power quality, detail what was done to achieve this and describe a plan for maintaining a high level of power quality. What ongoing activities are planned to maintain good power quality?


Option #2

Detail how you would set up and implement a power quality survey in your facility. Acting as the facility contact person for the power quality survey, what roles and responsibilities would you have? List the type of information that would need to be gathered to assist the power quality surveyors. How long do you think it would take to complete such a project?