BOC 215

Credits: .7
Lecture: 6 hrs
Class Activities: 1 hr
Total: 7 hrs

Prerequisites: None

Learning Outcomes/Competencies:
At the completion of Electric Motor Management, a participant will be able to:

  • calculate the operating costs of motors in their facility.
  • understand the value of a motor database for repair/replace decision-making.
  • work readily with motor database tools and software.
  • identify a model repair specification for ensuring a quality motor repair.
  • practice effective motor management.
  • access the available resources.

Texts:  STUDENT HANDBOOK: BOC 215 – Electric Motor Management, How to Get the Most from Your Electric Motors,(EASA Publication), other class handouts

Special Equipment for Instructors:
Motor database software, Motor nameplates, PalmPilot® with motor database. ata loggers

Classroom Exercises and/or Hands-on Activities:

  • Discussion: Number of motors in your facility and more.


Test 100%

BOC 215: Electric Motor Management: Class Outline

1. Motor Efficiency

a. First cost v. life cycle cost
b. Operating efficiency

2. Quick Review

a. Motor components
b. Motor enclosures

3. Motor Nameplate

a. Nomenclature and definitions
b. Starting current
c. Efficiency
d. Motor characteristics

4. Motor Maintenance

a. Bearing lubrication
b. Inspection
c. Causes of failure

5. Motor Operating Costs

a. Formulas
b. Tools
c. Calculation exercise

6. Motor Management

a. Model repair specification
b. Motor database concept
c. Database software
d. Data collection & Exercise

7. Starting a Motor Database

a. Priorities
b. Task list
c. Action plan

8. Summary