BOC Certification Examination

The BOC Program offers three credentials: a Level I Training Certificate of Completion (TCOC), a Level II Training Certificate of Completion and the BOC Certification. In order to earn the BOC Certification and become a Certified Building Operator (CBO), you must pass the Certification Exam.

Successful completion of the BOC Level I training course is one component of eligibility to sit for the exam. You will be guided through the process during course training should you choose to pursue the BOC Certification credential.

The Certification Exam is a 3 hour test addressing topics covered in the BOC Level I course training. It is 120 questions, and you must receive a 67% score to pass. Learn more about the exam.

Exam dates and locations

Due to COVID-19 concerns and CDC guidance, our exam administrators have closed testing sites effective immediately, March 17, 2020. Operations at in-person testing sites will resume based on state recommendations. We are now offering a Remote Proctoring option that will allow students to test from home or office. If you have questions or would like to register to take the exam after May 1st, please contact our Credential Specialist, Amy Price at 407-256-2757 or for more information.

The exam takes place after the course is completed and exam applications have been reviewed. There are several hundred testing locations across the United States and Canada with flexible days and times to fit your schedule.

Note: The 17024 Certification Exam process currently does not apply to BOC in Canada.