Part 1

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Overview

Prerequisite: None

Duration: 4 hours

Learning Objectives/Competencies for the module

The class will provide the student with an understanding of the
BOC course and the expectations and outcomes from their
After this class, a building operator should be able to:

  • Concepts of green and high-performance buildings
  • Trends in building operations
  • Building a plan for your facilities
  • Learning activity: Developing your facility’s baseline and goals
  • Green building certification


  • Program Overview
    • BOC Operator Credentials
    • The Coursework
    • Tests
    • Projects
    • In-Class Activities
  • Concepts of green and high-performance buildings
    • Building Energy Costs
    • Sustainability
    • Occupants
    • Competing Goals
    • Climate Change
    • Carbon Footprint
  • Local Climate Change Impacts
  • Trends in Building Operations
    • Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act
    • BOC Alignment
    • Facilities Career Map
    • Energy Conservation
    • Building Optimization
    • Core Principles
    • Building Codes and Mandates
    • Benchmarking Policies
  • Building a Plan for Your Facilities
    • Determine a Baseline
    • Set your Goals
    • Optimized Operations & Maintenance
    • Green Building Certification
    • LEED – EBOM Rating System
    • Sustainable Sites
      • Stormwater Management
      • Heat Island Effect
      • Water Efficiency
      • Waste Management
      • Energy Conservation
      • Indoor Environmental Quality

Methods and Learning Activities
Discussion Question
Group Discussion
Breakout Group: Developing your baseline and goals