Part 5

Indoor Environmental Quality

Prerequisite: None

Duration: 4 hours

Learning Objectives/Competencies for the module
After this class, a building operator should be able to:

  • Explain the role building operators play in occupant comfort and productivity
  • Describe how to effectively manage IEQ in buildings
  • Describe the benefits of an Indoor Environmental Quality program
  • Explain the importance of effective communication


  • Indoor Environmental Quality Overview
    • Discussion Question: What issues are we concerned about with IEQ?
    • Why is IEQ important
    • Cost of IEQ Problems
    • Operating Cost vs. Productivity Factor
    • Causes of IEQ Problems
    • Common Health Symptoms
    • Discussion Question: Who should be treating health problems?
    • IEQ Program
      • Benefits of an IEQ Program
      • Create Your Own IEQ Program
    • The Challenge of Occupant Comfort
    • Effective Communication
    • Learning Activity: Communications Case Study
  • Fundamentals of Indoor Environmental Quality
    • Air Quality
      • Potential Air Quality Concerns
      • Common IEQ Pollutants Sources
      • Green Cleaning
      • Integrated Pest Management
      • Fungi and Mold
      • Discussion Question
      • Moisture Dynamics
    • Thermal Comfort
      • Thermal Satisfaction
      • Sources of Thermal Discomfort
      • What do thermal comfort standards say?
      • What impacts Thermal Comfort?
    • Lighting / Lighting Levels
    • Noise / Acoustics
  • Preventing IEQ Problems
    • Preventing and Solving IEQ Problems
    • Communicating to Prevent IEQ Problems
    • Benchmark for “Good Practice”
    • Prevent Biological Contamination
    • Walk-Through Assessments
    • Solving IEQ Problems
    • IEQ Profile Measurements
    • Sampling Air for Contaminants & Indicators
    • IEQ Measurement Devices
    • IEQ Program Discussion/Question
  • Pollutant Control Strategies
    • IEQ Problem Components
      • Pollutant Sources
      • Pollutant Pathways and Driving Forces
    • Four Control Strategies
      • Source Control
      • Ventilation
      • Filtration
      • Discussion Question
      • Exposure Control

Learning Activity
Communications Case Study