Parts 6 & 7

Measuring and Benchmarking Energy Performance and Putting It All Together

Prerequisite: None

Duration: 4 hours

Learning Objectives/Competencies for the module
After this class, a building operator should be able to:

  • Build an energy management plan for a building and monitor the energy consumption.
  • Utilize the Energy Star Portfolio Manager for their energy accounting.
  • Utilize effective communication skills to engage with building occupants and help them understand ways
    they can increase energy efficiency.

Module 6

  • Energy Management
    • Building a Plan For Your Facilities
    • Monitoring Energy Consumption
  • Energy Fundamentals
    • Energy Fundamentals
    • Understanding Energy
  • Energy Accounting
    • Analyzing Energy Consumption
    • learning Activity – Interpreting Energy Bills
    • Peak Demand
    • Energy Metrics
    • Benchmarking
    • Energy Star
    • Discussion Question
    • Portfolio Manager

Module 7

  • Engaging with Customers
    • Engaging with Customers
    • Effective Communication
  • Monitoring and Measuring
  • Building a Plan for Your Facilities
    • Determine Base line & Set Goals
    • Monitoring Energy Consumption
    • Measuring Success
    • Tell Your Story
    • Technical and Financial Support for Pursuing Fixes/Retrofits
    • Putting It All Together

Learning Activity
Interpreting Energy Bills