Our partners at Washington State University’s Extension Energy Program have announced that registration is open for the 10th Annual EFC Conference in Leavenworth, WA May 6-8th. A special discounted rate of $295 is available for BOC graduates.

This two-and-one-half day event features a blend of facilities maintenance, plant operations, custodial and design/planning training with a leadership and technical focus. With a variety of learning methods, including lecture, cross-talk and hands-on, EFC 2014 offers something for everyone.

The first 25 BOC graduates to sign up to the upcoming Energy/ Facilities Connections conference on May 6 – 8, 2014 in Leavenworth, receive a discount rate of $295.

To register, follow instructions below:

How to claim your BOC discount for the 10th Annual Energy/Facilities Connections Conference:

  1. Access:  www.energy.wsu.edu/efc
  2. Click “New Registration”
  3. Input your e-mail address, and then the code BOC into the ID Code box. Before clicking “Apply Code” be sure to check the “Non-Member Registration” option below.
  4. When you click “Apply Code,” it should reduce the registration fee from $495 to $295.
  5. Fill out the rest of the online form as directed.

Note:  If your organization is already a member of WSU Energy’s Plant Operations Support Consortium, you can simply claim this discount by clicking the “Consortium Member Registration” option below. If you are uncertain about your membership status, contact Consortium staff at 360-956-2057 or e-mail plantops@energy.wsu.edu.

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