The United States Department of Energy is moving forward with a new rating system, “commercial building energy asset score,” and is seeking input on certain aspects of the program. The program will apply to a large variety of commercial building types.

If your company would like to submit comments on its own, please refer to instructions in this link.

As background, the score provides information regarding the efficiency of a building’s major energy consumption systems and is intended to enable greater understanding of building performance and potential savings.  Through the use of a free, on-line scoring tool, building owners and operators will be able to generate a score along with recommendations for how to improve the efficiency of their buildings.

The scoring tool applies standard assumptions about a building’s operations (based on building type) in order to calculate a score that reflects the building’s energy efficiency, not the behavior of its occupants. More detailed information concerning the scoring methodology and other program features are outlined in a document entitled “Commercial Building Energy Asset Score: Program Overview and Technical Protocol Version 1.0.”  For more information, click here.

This score will impact your buildings and may be used by regulatory agencies in the future to guide data collections and building ratings in the future. Thank you for any input you may be able to provide on this important issue.

This information has been provided by the US Department of Energy


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