Edmonds Community College (EdCC) offers a two-year A.A. degree program in Energy Management.  Edmonds CC and the BOC program have also partnered so that graduates of the program can apply for BOC certification.

This is a great, convenient, opportunity for folks wanting to get into the Energy Efficiency  field of work to be challenged and to have fun while doing so!   This program has led to job placements for people interested in changing careers, adding to their skill level in facility operations and building management,   working for energy-related trade allies, consultants or utility programs.    The  curriculum leads to a solid understanding of energy and energy management.    It  includes energy basics,  overview of the technical basis of energy management measures  for both residential and commercial buildings – including renewables, lighting principles,  energy  use calculations,  energy accounting,  project management, BOC (Builder Operator Certification Level 1), and more.    Lots of hands-on experience, as well as classroom and online courses.

Check out:    http://www.edcc.edu/energy/

For specific questions and more information contact Alison Pugh, Energy Management Director, at 425.640.1509.  (alison.pugh@edcc.edu)


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