Check out these resources and tips on how to save energy in data centers and server rooms, courtesy of Energy Star.

12 Ways to Save Energy in Data Centers and Server Rooms

IT Opportunities

1. Server Virtualization
2. Decommissioning of Unused Servers
3. Consolidation of Lightly Utilized Servers
4. Better Management of Data Storage
5. Purchasing More Energy-Efficient Servers, UPSs, and PDUs
Airflow Management Strategies

6. Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle Layout
7. Containment/Enclosures
8. Variable Speed Fan Drives
9. Properly Deployed Airflow Management Devices
HVAC Adjustments

10. Server Inlet Temperature and Humidity Adjustments
11. Air-Side Economizer
12. Water-Side Economizer

This resource provides a general overview of the most commonly used energy efficiency strategies in data centers and server rooms. For each of the 12 opportunities, [Energy Star provides] practical implementation considerations such as:

  • How the strategy is implemented
  • How much it costs
  • How much is can save
  • Risks involved with implementation
  • Where to find additional information

See the full article/tool here.



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