You will need information about your building’s general characteristics such as square footage and operating hours, HVAC equipment, lighting, and controls systems. It is your responsibility to obtain this information from sources within your company or organization. You will also need computer access to a free, online tool called ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® to complete the energy consumption profile for your building. The following information is required.

  • Twelve (12) months of utility consumption data for the building. This includes data for all fuels used in the building (e.g., electricity, natural gas, steam, etc.) and access to 12 months of utility bills for all meters in the building.
  • General information about building occupancy schedules, lighting system equipment and controls, and miscellaneous office equipment.
  • Descriptive information about plant equipment (e.g., chillers, boilers, cooling towers), air systems (e.g., air handlers, package units, terminal units), domestic hot water systems, and pumps in the building. Descriptive information includes the number of units, size, motor HP, control system and operating hours.
  • Descriptive information for one air handler of your selection in the building. Information you will need includes the system type, area served, weekly operating hours, and cooling and heating set points for the air handler.

See Level II Project Requirements FAQ for more information.