Are you a Building Operator or manager who is working on a short term energy efficiency upgrade or project that requires some specific tools? Maybe your budget is a little tighter than what you would like and you are having trouble coming up with all the right tools for the job? Maybe you are a homeowner who would love to install a new energy efficient light or thermostat but don’t have everything you need on hand. Enter your local Tool Lending Libray! These resources remove another barrier between an organization or a family and their energy efficient project. They also help encourage both commercial and residential customers to increase their sustainability while decreasing their carbon footprint.

There are many Tool Lending Libraries across the country and the site Local Tools is an easy solution to help you find one near you with their interactive Find Your Local Tool Lending Library page.

One of the BOC’s partners in California, Pacific Gas and Electric, sponsors the TLL as part of their Pacific Energy Center. More details can be found on PG&E’s Tool Lending Library home page and their fact sheet.




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