Energy efficiency in food processing

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Hosted by Seventhwave

During this two-part webinar series, take a birds-eye view at energy use in food manufacturing facilities then dive deep into how to manage air infiltration. First, we reveal data and share the information you need to evaluate your facility’s energy use in comparison to national energy benchmarks. We share the top energy saving findings from more than 110 food manufacturing facility energy audits and discuss how to incorporate non-energy saving benefits into your sales pitch to upper management in order to get projects implemented. ​Then, we show how minimizing air infiltration through doorways in industrial refrigeration storage spaces reduces sensible and latent loads, cutting costs during the cooling and defrost cycles. Learn the driving forces behind air infiltration, as well as how to reduce it. We examine strip curtains and air curtains, and discuss how to calculate flow rates and energy savings. Learn more and register today.

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